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Altman Lighting Nimbus Line Of Video Conferencing Lighting Fixtures

SceneworkAltman Lighting is proud to introduce the Nimbus line of Video Conferencing lighting fixtures. Altman Nimbus includes the Halo LED ring light and the Side Kick LED flood. Designed for ease of use in a home office or on the go, the tunable white dimmable output of Nimbus provides studio quality lighting for video conferencing and the telecommuting worker. Both Halo and Side Kick come standard with a portable desktop tripod stand, extension arm and suction cup mount. Nimbus is ready for use in nearly any configuration right out of the box.

1. Download the Altman Nimbus Datasheet PDF

2. Download the Altman Nimbus "Sidekick" Manual PDF

3. Download the Altman Nimbus "Halo" Manual PDF

125 Years of J. R. Clancy Catalogs



Click here to download the J. R. Clancy PDF.




Information about historic theaters, scenic art and stage machinery.

How To Effectively Light Your Green Screen


A great little YouTube primer on green screen lighting!

"Inspired by Nature" Niagara Falls Illumination

Beginning Nov 14, the Niagara Falls Illumination Board is pleased to present "Inspired by Nature", a new illumination display showcasing colours and movements found in nature.

The display features the breathtaking colours of a sunrise, the aurora borealis, a rainbow and a sunset.

The mighty American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls will come alive every evening with this tribute to the natural beauty all around us!

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3ltMV0C.

Strand NEO Compact 10 Console


All the power of NEO in a smaller, more portable package — the most powerful console at this size and price.

  • Integrated Keyboard — Command line support allows for rapid console programming
  • Adapts to the Way You Work — User-configurable faders, buttons, and palettes
  • Seven FX Engines — Make it easy to achieve the look you desire
  • Strand Advantage — Strand, Vari-Lite, and CK fixtures do not consume universes
  • Vision.Net Integration — Generate and respond-to Vision.Net messages to integrate show and architectural control

Click here to download the Strand NEO Compact 10 Console PDF.

Altman Genesis Lighting Control Console


The Altman Genesis lighting control console combines the ease of use of a fader based lighting controller with the power of a touch screen graphical user interface.

Click here to download the Altman Genesis Lighting Control Console PDF.

Scenework • The Switch & The Baby Switch

Scenework Scenework

Rosco Scenic Sets


Whether they're students or professional scenic painters, all artists need a way to experiment and hone their craft. That's the purpose of Rosco's new Scenic Sets. Rosco worked with a panel of professional scenic artists and professors to develop a range of practice kits that would provide colours and materials for painters to test and explore different scenic techniques.

  • Eight different Scenic Sets to choose from
  • Each Scenic Set contains four 6 oz. jars of Rosco scenic paint or coating materials
  • Perfect for practicing colour mixing, experimenting with wash and glaze layers, or testing different scenic treatments like skies, dirt and foliage

Shipping Mid-September — Contact Us To Pre-Order Scenic Sets Today!


An Excellent Product For Back To School!

College and university theatre departments will be instructing their students remotely. Rosco Scenic Sets are an excellent tool for scenic art instructors to demonstrate different techniques remotely and they enable them to assign a variety of scenic projects to their students.

Would You Like A Quart Of White With Your Scenic Set?

SceneworkScenic artists and professors typically decide not to include white paint in Scenic Sets, stating that "white is easy to get, it's the colours we really need." Contact us for a quart of Off Broadway White (or a set of Fitch Brushes).

Introducing Rosco Marley Mat™ Home Dance Floor Kits


SceneworkKeep your customers dancing safely at home! Rosco's new Marley Mats™ have been very popular with dance studios offering remote instruction so that their students can practice their online lessons at home. Many dance studios have organized Marley Mat™ group-buys, and some schools have purchased Marley Mats to rent or loan to their students. Rosco Marley Mats are small dance surfaces designed for home use. They are made using our professional-grade Adagio Tour™, which is used by professional touring companies and dance competitions around the world. Marley Mats provide a dance surface that rolls out quickly and easily, with a "limited slip" grip that is excellent for ballet, jazz, modern, tap and many other styles of dance. Available in black or grey, each Marley Mat kit includes a roll of matching Rosco Floor Tape.


Marley Mat Features:

  • Mat Dimensions: 63" x 72" (1.6m x 1.8m) limited slip dance surface
  • Tape Dimensions: 1.9" x 108.2' (48mm x 33m)
  • Colours: Available in Black or Gray and includes a roll of matching Rosco Floor Tape
  • Weight (Mat Only): 9.6 lbs. (1.26 kg)
  • Floor Speed: Medium-Fast

Perfect for Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and many other styles of dance — including tap! Don't forget — customers can combine Marley Mat™ with a Rosco PortaBarre™ to create a complete home dance studio!


Scenework is proud to now be an Authorized Reseller for Satco|Nuvo.



Niagara Falls!

SceneworkPOV: Niagara Falls is beautiful year-round, but it's most incredible in the winter!

Click the image to watch video →

BMO field, Toronto ON

SceneworkShown in the image to the right at Toronto's BMO field, the Toronto FC's banner is hung from the winch system which Scenework installed in 2016.

Illuminating an Iconic North American Landmark

SceneworkWe're thrilled with our participation in the recent upgrade and enhancement of the lighting of the Niagara Falls! The project, which features cutting-edge LED technology, is the first upgrade in over 20 years. The Niagara Falls Illumination Enhancement Team, spearheaded by Salex president Nick Puopolo, is comprised of several prominent lighting and construction industry leaders. The team represents local, Canadian and American companies on this international endeavour, and includes: Michael Smolyansky, Applications Manager, Salex; Paul Boken, VP and Alan McIntosh, Senior Designer of Mulvey & Banani Lighting; Ed Gesch, President of ECCO Electric; Ron Foley, Scenework; and LED lighting products manufactured by Stanley Electric.

The new solution dramatically improves the visitor experience by boosting the average lighting levels by up to three times and sufficiently improving the lighting's overall uniformity. The new lighting system allows for a universal control protocol, creating endless possibilities when it comes to scalability of the system. The integration of custom user interfaces also provides the ability for the public to interact with what is projected onto the Falls. In addition, the new lighting helps reduce the Falls' current energy consumption by 60 per cent!

The newly installed lights were unveiled to the public on the evening of December 1st, 2016.

Niagara Falls Illumination Enhancement Team

Comprised of several prominent lighting and construction industry leaders, the team represents local, Canadian and American companies on this international endeavor.


Live Design Article (PDF)
Issue January 2017


L&SA Article (PDF)
Issue May 2017


IES Award of Excellence
Niagara Falls (PDF)

August 2017

NiagaraThisWeek.com → 'Frozen' falls capture imagination around globe.

Salex Spearheaded by Salex president, Nick Puopolo, who is a Lighting Certified professional (LC) with 32 years of lighting experience. Together, with Ecco Electric Ltd, the two firms presented a modern lighting solution to the Niagara Falls Illumination Board. The proposal replaced the existing illumination system with the latest in LED technology. Salex - one of Canada's largest lighting and controls sales agencies - represents over 60 Canadian, American and European architectural lighting brands. The firm has worked on many award-winning projects and is recognized as Southern Ontario's leader in facilitating effective and sustainable commercial lighting solutions. Salex applications manager, Michael Smolyansky, P. Eng., LC, LEED AP, joined Nick Puopolo on the project.
Mulvey & Banani Lighting (MBL) International award winning Lighting Design consultancy, Mulvey & Banani Lighting (MBL) a subsidiary of Mulvey & Banani International Inc. (MBII) is represented by vice president Paul Boken and senior designer Alan McIntosh. The MBL team is comprised of dedicated and creative professionals with varied industry experience which inspire their design philosophy and approach. The team stays on the leading edge of lighting technology and design software tools through perpetual training, study and collaboration.
ECCO Electric Ltd ECCO Electric Ltd. is a St. Catharines-based electrical construction firm with substantial experience working on large scale projects in and around Niagara Falls, including the Niagara Parks Commission. Ecco Electric presented the bid for this project and was represented by its president Ed Gesch.
Scenework Scenework, represented by Ron Foley, is a leader in lighting installation, service and equipment supply with a specialty in servicing the theatrical, architectural and rigging industry.
Stanley Electric Co., LTD. Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of LEDs and LED modules. The innovative lighting company creatively designs high reliability lighting products for automotive (headlights, taillights), electronics, and general lighting markets worldwide. Established in Japan in 1920, the Stanley Group employs over 15,000 people in 18 countries with their North American office located in Irvine, CA.

Linus MacDonald, hired by the Illumination Board in 1995 as their lighting consultant, played a major role in the direction and quality control of the new Solid State LED lighting solution.

SceneworkNiagara Falls Illumination Enhancement Design

The first permanent installation of Twenty-Four Arc lights took place on February 24th 1925. These were replaced on June 20th 1958, with new Carbon Arc lamps fixtures.

In the early 1970's the fixture were replaced once again utilizing a Xenon Gas lamps. This new system also included the first permanent coloured lighting solution. A blade colour controller was added which introduced combination of Red, Amber, Green and Blue light to Niagara Falls.

In 1997 a newer more efficient Xenon lamps was installed in the existing fixtures to improve the performance. That lighting system only offered a total of 21 zones of control, 10 across the American Falls and 11 across the Canadian Falls, producing a total of 5 colour combinations.

A new LED solution, unveiled on December 1, 2016, dramatically improved the visitor experience by boosting the average lighting levels 3 to 14 times the previous system, depending on the colours projected. The design also improved the overall uniformity by 75 times. Additionally, this maintenance-free solution reduced the Falls' energy consumption by 60 percent and the upgraded LEDs provided a minimum 25-year lifespan.

The new system is comprised of very narrow beam, high intensity LED luminaires arranged in groupings. This grouped approach allows for precise light distribution, as each cluster is divided into adjustable quadrants improving the overall uniformity across the entire falls.

The new LED lighting system provides a total of 350 zones of control, 120 across the American Falls and 230 across the Canadian Falls. Each control zone is equipped with separate Red, Green, Blue and White LED luminaires. A total of 1,400 individual luminaires are used and together provide the ability to produce up to 16,777,000 different colours combinations.

The universal control protocol offers endless possibilities when it comes to scalability of the system. This provides the Niagara Falls Illumination Board the ability to astronomically schedule lighting scenes and synchronize the lighting with surrounding events, festivals and public attractions. The integration of a custom user interfaces also provides the ability for the public to interact with the experience and the illumination projected onto the falls.

For additional details:

  • Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls Webcam → Streaming to you live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from the 53rd floor of the Hilton Hotel and Suites is the Official Niagara Falls webcam
  • Niagara Falls Webcam → Earthcam's webcam streaming to you live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
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Niagara Fall - Scenework Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark Niagara Fall - Scenework Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark Niagara Fall - Scenework Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark
Niagara Fall - Scenework Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark Niagara Fall - Scenework Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark Niagara Fall - Scenework Illuminates an Iconic North American Landmark